Europe is a great place to build your career with strong international business, creative, Hospitality, Information Technology, research sector. Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities. Studying in Europe is not just about lectures and library with modest tuition fees and living expenses, it is also a once in a lifetime chance to discover new countries. Europe is a welcoming, friendly place for students from all around the world A fine blend of modern facilities and rich history where you can travel different European countries during your vacation from north to south to will find breath taking beautiful landscapes, buzzing cities and vibrant cultures. European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs. Quality, Diversity and Opportunity are some of the main reasons why you should study in Europe. Post study, along with work visa after completing the course from 6 month to 2 years and there's a dependent visa available in most of the European Countries after few months or a year.

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